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This bibliographical study covers books that have been edited from 1957 to the first quarter of 2005.

For each studied book, we tried to write a short biography of the author when possible, as well as the edition's place, the editor's name, the number of pages, the book's format for each edition when they are multiples. We wrote down also the number of illustrations, engravings, black and white and colors pictures in or out of the text. When the book deserve it, a small abstract is written. We offer also our point of view on its rarity, but we let the expert fix its quotation. At last, we communicate the references of the biggest libraries where you can consult it..

Seven chapters for this bibliographical study :

  • 1° About twenty bibliographers.
  • 2° French authors in alphabetical orders: 1970 references.
  • 3° Anonymous, collectives et others: 280 références.
  • 4° About twenty lessons and teachings.
  • 5° News, magazines, publications and journal: 250 references.
  • 6° German authors, the most 50 representatives.
  • 7° English authors, the 130 most representatives.