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« Etude bibliographique sur les animaux
de basse-cour ».

Authors :
Gilbert CORNET & Philippe MALAGIES.

Book's format :

Number of pages :

Illustrations :
plenty in black and white in the text, and 8 pages in color which contains 32 photographies.

Cover :
Hard Cover and color illustrated.

Books covered :
All containing any significative development on barnyard animals, rabbits, carrier pigeons, poultry, gooses, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowls, but also aviary birds and palmipeds. Are included also, few books about hunting birds farming, culinary art of barnyards animals and at last pigeon houses and dovecotes.

Number of books in French:
about 2500.

Number of books in English :
the 130 most representatives.

Number of books in German :
the 50 most representatives.

Publication :
autumn 2005

Price :
40 euros